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Women's History Month

6 -11 March 2018

Opening Night -  6 March 6-9pm

Espacio Gallery

159 Bethnal Green Rd

London, E2 7DG


Our lives as women contain many threads. Some run through time, connecting us to our past selves and pointing a way towards the future.

Others are the threads that weave us together with our family and friends. And there are also the threads of memory, of those we have loved from near and from far, and of those we have lost.


In Women’s History Month, the Threads exhibition reaches out beyond the boundaries of national borders, language, culture and belief, inviting participants to choose a thread from the wide tapestry of their lives and gently unravel it to release its meaning, wisdom and secrets.

Threads Exhibition Women's History Month

Rilexie - Organiser/Curator

Tomas - Curator/Gallery Technician

Laura, Judith, Bryan, Adam - Assistant/Events

Percentage of commission on all artwork sold during exhibtion will be donated to:

Saturday 10th March 5 - 7pm

Book Launch by Wyllie O Hagan

Free Events

Thursday - 8 March -  2 - 7 pm

Celebration International Women's Day


Workshop, Performance, Talks, Puppet 

Drop in anytime and join us...... 

Tea/cakes/snacks served.

3:00 pm - Workshop - Beatriz Acevedo

5:00 pm - Performance - Yuliya Krylova

6:00 pm - Puppet - Tareshvari Robinson 

Adam Lucy Sustenance

Andrea Coltman The Three Matriarchs

Amanda Gizzi Moliers Maze

Anila Hussain The Threads of a Mother's Love

Anisha Samani Metamorphosis

Audrey Kirk Crown

Barry Moore Life

Beatriz Acevedo Yonis

Benal Dikmen Keep Calm It's a Girl


Carmen Lamberti Virtuous Woman

Caroline Friedman The Woman of Worth

Chris Vervain Shadowfax

Ella Lou Juno

Farnoush Amini Broken

Francesca Busca Pull me out of darkness

Furrah Syed Astrid

Gabor Paszti O

Georgina Talfana 34 weeks

Janet Lynch Vessel

Jasmine Hatami French Manicure

Jo Evans Free

Judith Bieletto

Juliana Lauletta Late Bloomer

Kay Singla Content

Lara Hailey Home Sweet Home

Laura Bello Mother and Child

Lisa Cirenza The Times

Lynda McDonald Eve's Garden

Mary Rouncefield The Cut

Massimo Onnis Donne in Manifestazione

Mayu Shiomi Boots

Nancy Edwards Associated

Natalie Cortada Chrysalis

Nicola Weir Precious Layers

Norma D. Hunter Victory

Patsy Hickman The Mediterranean

Paula Koski Hope

Rebecca Swainston Shelter

Szilvia Ponyiczki Shattered Dreams

Wendy Tuffin A Thread of Evidence

Wyllie O Hagan Whitework A Gentle Path

Youngsook Choi Love that is Fading Away

Yuliya Krylova Healing Twin

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