Women's History Month 2018

Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh

13 - 24 March 2018

Private View: Friday 16 March 6 - 8:30 pm

Our lives as women contain many threads. Some run through time, connecting us to our past selves and pointing a way towards the future. Others are the threads that weave us together with our family and friends. And there are also the threads of memory, of those we have loved from near and from far, and of those we have lost.


In Women’s History Month, the Threads exhibition reaches out beyond the boundaries of national borders, language, culture and belief, inviting participants to choose a thread from the wide tapestry of their lives and gently unravel it to release its meaning, wisdom and secrets.

Rilexie: Organiser/ Curator

Tomas: Curator/Gallery Technician

Carolan, Nicola : Assistant/Events

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  Free Events: 20 March 2 - 6 pm

2:00 pm  - Performance by Yuliya Krylova

3: 00 pm - Drumming and Meditation/Journey

                  with Bob Young/Shamanic Practitioner  

4:00 pm - Poetry - bring your favourite poem to read or perform

5:00 pm - Chat Circle

Tea, Cakes and Snacks Served

Participating Artists

Andrea Coltman
Ann Murchison
The Pale Horse
Barbara Rowell
Domestic Goddess
'Domestic Goddess' is one of a series of female archetypal forms made with found objects and natural materials. My anthropomorphic installations address issues of empowerment and equality which underpin my practice and reference the role of women in art and in society.
In this work, the body of the woman is represented by a well weathered fragment of a kitchen sink with madder dyed felted wool strands cascading from the overflow holes.
Barry Moore
Bridget Adams
Citizens of the World
Cate Newton
Big Pussy Helmet
"The work commemorates the Pussy Hat movement and the Women's March on Washington. The outsized hat is reinforced with a polished copper mixing bowl.

It is accompanied by a satirical knitting pattern which encourages knitters to make various sizes of the helmet and to reinforce them with a variety of domestic appliances for further protection.
Cathy MacTaggart
Portrait of Cathy MacTaggart
Diana Savova
Cycling in a Dream
"This painting is part of a surrealistic series of paintings I'm working on right now. All these paintings are dreams in paintings. Expression of the subconscious and conscious in me, as well as an expression of my belief that we are all connected, here, now in the present, past and the future.
Eleanor Symms
"Bloodlines is a wall hanging piece, made from stitched tracing paper in settings fabricated from reclaimed oxidised brass shell caps and oxidised brass chain.
Emma Shankland
Sunday Morning
"Exploring the invisibility of isolation and loneliness, the female figure loosly performs a task that might or might not be connected to the wheel in motion ticking through daily routines and landscapes. Disconnected from the commotion of the City the woman is placid, but the fabric around her exposes a tension and unease as it buckles under the persistent pressure of the threads that bind it.
Janet Lynch
Dear Mummy, I have been a good girl
Jill Desborough
Three Graces
"A wall hung sculpture in paper mache, collaged text and inks. It is a study of the beauty and stories in the older face, inspired by Elsie (in the centre) who was nearly 100. In a culture where the tyranny of supposed physical 'perfection' and youthfulness is pursued and there is a growing market in surgery , I wanted to celebrate  older women who's life experiences are mirrored in their interesting faces.
Julia Krone Oliver
Juliana Lauletta
Flying Solo
Despite the many ways of defining romantic relationships that have emerged recently it seems like women who remain single are still a taboo, often being labeled as “spinster" or "old maid”. The closest equivalent term for males is “bachelor". This photograph celebrates all the brave, vibrant, goal-oriented women that refuse to let their lives be defined by their relationship status and are proud of flying solo despite the social turmoil that surrounds them.
Kate Bentley SWA
Last Dance
"The title sums this painting up…ageing in a profession where you are cast aside…a common thread in the arts and entertainment industry
I did however want to retain the beauty of this person, to retain an uplifting /hopeful air and to represent the theatricality of the situation…. I hope I did?
Kate Henderson
Church Study
"Mixed media painting framed.

The building provides shelter from the elements and as an artist and mother i have an instincitve maternal need to nurture and protect. The materials on the paper are ""built up"" by being  rubbed away and rebuilt reflecting the slow passage of time  This process leaves delicate traces of the imagery from previous marks which are preserved in the new layer of paint reflecting the fragility of life.
Laurence Cammas
Women's Power
Laurence Causse-Parsley
According to the ONS’ latest population predictions, there will be by 9.7 million residents in London, where I live, by the middle of 2024.
Multicultural, multifaceted, a big city is a permanent invitation to keep on following new threads and to weave your own tapestry with new places , new faces, new experiences intertwined with the older layers of an ancient urban space. Their layering process reflects the permanent transformation of the city.
Lisa Cirenza
Three Vessels
Lucy O'Donovan
"This is a self portrait of the artist, carried out over a period of two years. The facial expression depicts the feelings of the artist over that time which involved difficulties and raw emotion. These feelings were hidden by the artist in her life and she wished to show them in this portrait.
Marianne Frank
MaryAnne Hunt
We Walk Alone
"I wanted to show the lonliness of a woman walking on a desolate beach towards a house with no name. There is hope ahead in the glow of the house but we do not know if she will be able to enter inside or not. We all walk alone through this life even when we do not know it.
Merlyn Riggs
Happy Ever After
"The Title of the piece is ‘Happy Ever After’ I have tried to edit.

The dresses were donated by a survivor of abuse. Her daughter was also abused.

This is an interactive piece where participants are invited to contribute by writing their own experiences, opinions and thoughts. Felt tip pens are provided.

  The dresses may be exhibited  as illustrated but can easily be displayed differently  if this is unsuitable. The piece is flexible.
Nathalie Cortada
Reflection on raw feelings resulting from the recent political landscape and on being the victim of violent xenophobic verbal attack.
The canvas is vintage and was water damaged when my house was flooded. The yarn is of unknown provenance but was donated to me.
The MDF board is rough and ready and was used to repair said flood damage.
The nails were rescued from a croft fence that was rebuilt by French hands (mine) who feel welcome and at home in the Highlands.
Nicola Weir
Queen of the Night
"This is inspired by ideas of strong women, who have gone before us and is a kind of talisman for remembering the inner strength we all have within us.
Olive Dean
Hands  do much of the work in the world : they are universal metaphors for seeking , reaching, labour , and also  providers of comfort, the first thing a baby feels  and often the last sensation from a loved one at the close of life
Patsy Hickman
Paula Koski
Rebecca Swainston
Blue Rapunzel
Inspired by the traditional tale, the female figure echoes Rapunzel who was confined by an enchantress in a tower. Like the traditional girl this modern day Rapunzel is confined, but this time by her own beliefs and by societies strictures. Her hair represents both confinement and a way to freedom. The animals hold aspects of the woman.
Rilexie Renee
Torn but not Broken II
In times when life experiences can easily tear our us apart.
The power of the Human Spirit, Faith, Love and Hope can keeps us from being broken.
Samantha Boyes
Along the Same Vein
"Three hands cast in fine plaster. 

The threads/veins which hold the females in my family together are diverse and strong. 

From innocent...

to divorce & bankrupt...

to old age & the loss of two dear husbands.
Shân Monteith-Mann
Amidst the Flowers
Blocks of wood with fabric and plaster with paint and collage with added 'Flowers' quotes and threads. The three sections are a reflection of physical and emotional scars that leave their mark.

They depict evidence that we have journeyed and truly lived amidst the flowers.
Sophie Ferguson
One thousand labels hand dyed indigo, knotted onto wire mesh. A Weaving.

The labels are uniform in shape but each one is unique, woven together, they are connected; all in it together. The sum is greater than the parts.

This piece is one of a series of works using labels. The series began as a way of exploring how being labelled has shaped my self-image and confined me.
Yuliya Krylova
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