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Menier Gallery

51 Southwark Street, London SE1 1RU





Contact:  Renee Rilexie or Tomas Amare

Mobile:    07947 628694




Eyebrow-raising responses to Frida Kahlo

Artworks inspired by Frida Kahlo on exhibit 3rd - 31st August 2016




Private View - Thursday 4th August from 6-9pm.
Opening hours:  Tues – Sat. from 11am - 6pm.



About the show:


An intense and reflective selection of artwork by a group of more than 40 international artists, who have aligned their creativity by gaining inspiration from Frida Kahlo, connecting and reflecting on her themes of life, love, illness, betrayal, family, fashion and the magic of colours.


Her emotional and physical pains are evident in her paintings and this exhibition embraces those aspects of her life.  She has set a benchmark for anyone who dares to be different.



About Frida Kahlo:


Frida Kahlo’s life (1907-1954) began and ended in La Casa Azul (‘The Blue House’) in Mexico City.  She was a woman of complex character and relationships.  Her recovery from an accident in her teens kept her isolated in a way which never quite left her and was said by many to explain her fascination with self-portraits.


Frida was revered as a feminist painter and famed for her distinctive eyebrows.  Her rich and varied life provides many inspiration multi-media show, with explorations of sexuality, reality, femininity, feminism, love, lust, jealousy, fidelity and loneliness: a potent blend of possibilities proving that Kahlo’s early death, at 47 years of age, has done nothing to dim her legacy.


This exhibit is organised and curated by The Artists' Pool

Kindly contact us for any other information about the exhibit or participating artists


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