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Lumen "the SI unit of luminous flux, equal to the amount of light emitted per second in a unit solid angle of one steradian from a uniform source of measure of intensity"

Photographers living in the UK from various countries participating

in this exciting exhibition exploring light, image and concept, using mobile phones, digital and manual cameras. 

Photographers are from Brazil, Chile, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Nigeria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, 

Slovakia and UK


Artists Statement

Adam Lucy

"I think of myself as a multifaceted artist, for me that incorporates the mediums of painting, poetry and photography, with a small dabbling into the realms of sculpture. The format of photography is one of the mainstays of my creative expression. Photography is an art form of many possibilities, a medium capable of expressing so many ideas and feelings of great emotional depth and beauty. I find the intricate relationships between light and shadow, line and angle and the ability to capture ‘time’ fascinating. I look at my work as a unique chance to capture the interconnecting orbits of people, places and things.”

Andrew Lalchan
Photography is the painting of light and as a professional photographer / artist for the last 10 years I love making light dance across the expanse of time. My work is mainly architectural / product and event photography bringing my creative passion and experimentation to my shots. My interest in photography started in my early teens with one of those early Kodak disc cameras bringing the artist out of me. Progressing to today where I can be out for hours taking photographs for jobs & pleasure across London.

Andy Denial

People always told me I had a flair for photography when using old film camera's, however I thought people were being polite and I never anticipated it would grow into the passion it has. I am wholly self taught, taking photos on a regular basis since the summer of 2009 when I took a picture on an old Sony K800i mobile phone and I haven't looked back since. My passion grew, mainly thanks to the support of my partner who gave me the confidence to pursue photography.  You won't find me in a happier place than with a camera in hand having found the perfect location to capture that 'magic shot'. My preferred medium is landscape photography but I also capture other genre's as the mood fits, be that with my main camera or going back to where it started and using my mobile phone. I genuinely hope people get as much pleasure from my photos as I do.

Faith Arowosafe

I am a professional photographer offering documentary and lifestyle photography. I have been a photographer since the age of six when my dad bought me a film camera to take photographs of whatever I liked and I think that spurred my interest in photography. I am motivated by the everyday life and most times I use leading lines as a key component in my composition. I take time when photographing every shot and I also look for shots that will capture the feeling of the moment, helping you to imagine what it would have felt like being there. My shots are a combination of people, landscapes and architecture, and I am influenced by a lot of photographers around the world such as Scott Kelby, Steve McCurry etc.

David Kittos

My work is mainly about candid images shot in the street and other public places.  In my view, shooting candids is the most honest type of photography there is.  No posing, no smiling into the camera and no light setups. I like to go for humour or ambiguity but you can't really "plan" street shots as they are essentially random and sometimes they never happen.  However much I love the street, it doesn't always love me back...

Maria Beamont

My photographs are usually set in urban London simply because I am fascinated by the daily life of this city, the centuries old stories its streets have to tell and the numerous ways individuals express their creativity.

I've recently moved to London and am living where I can't always see the sky. My photographs for this exhibition will be exploring the need for empty space, calm moments away from the hustle and  bustle.

Joanna Lucas

Joanna Lucas has a wide and varied interest in many different art forms. Having enjoyed watercolour painting from an early age, she first exhibited her work at the Treadwell Gallery at the age of fifteen. Joanna has a distinctive style in both her painting and her photography, which has attracted much attention. In all art forms her interest lies in colour, movement, texture, light and shade with a view to creating ‘a mood’.  Photography has, always been her sketchbook but after a brief course at the London School of Digital photography in 2014 she was encouraged to take her photography further. 

Anila Hussain

I have been passionate about photography for some time, only over the last year have I become more and more serious and broadening my horizons. I have a very creative nature being a typical Piscean and hope this shows. I do not wish to restrict myself, so technically I do not have a genre. My recent passion has become Black and white photography where light and shadow play a very important part. I have a slight obsession with angles, light, lines and structure. Moreover, I have a passion for perspectives and different point of views. You may see images you cannot work out, some will be obvious and some you will need to view upside down to understand where my perception was


“Photography is my means to shape visually my idea for the world we live in…or the one we don’t. I consider myself as an innovative artist who loves blending different forms of art into one piece. Colour and Art affected, my photographs allow me capturing a scene from a different optic lens.” Asterόpe is a London-based emerging artist who observes art from various angles. Professional Dancer and Piano Soloist, Arts Journalist & Culture Entrepreneur, she loves creative/fashion photography and firstly exhibited her work in Athens in 2013. Currently, she studies at UAL and uses the pseudonym Isabella Ynico. 

Audrey Kirk

I see myself as a creative person, primarily working with pastels, sketching and photography. 

Initially I used photography to help capture compositional ideas, textures, tones and visual references for my pastel artwork. But now my interest in photography as a medium in its own right, is developing organically, and I continue to explore my own relationship and reactions to external stimuli, whilst striving to portray my perspective to the viewer. 

For me, photography has become a wonderfully immersive art form; it has allowed me to be in the present, to look at myself and subjects that stir my emotions; using this introspective process as a way of capturing and creating the sentiment of the moment.


Dragos Czinjepolschi

Taking life personal since 1989

I have the constant feeling of being in the pursuit of something I do not know or understand yet. That's why I try to observe as much as possible. I believe that's what photographers are or should be, observers. I wander, observe and document, not only through my camera but also through my eyes and memory. I try to find meaning. Of course it is a very personal journey because I am the observer. It is subjective because it is my process of thought. I do my best to be fair and leave mindsets aside."

Herbert Kozu

Trough photography I try to capture a scene or moment that is oblivious to most people. In this fast paced life we live in, perhaps these moments are lost in time. Hopefully, these images can also convey some kind of emotion to the viewer and make them realize the small beauties that lie on their daily lives.



"A moment frozen in time" this is what photography means to me. It's all about how to capture time and memories.

My name is Caterina Campagnaro, I work in hospitality and I am a photographer. Since childhood I am always been interested in art, drawing and painting with a strong passion for photography. Nature and people are my very target when I am out with my camera. I live in London and in the streets of this beautiful town is where I decided to confirm my love for photography taking a step forward exhibiting my work, sharing my vision about photography. 

A selection of my pictures can be seen in few online websites dedicated to photography as: GuruShots, YouPic, ShutterHub Instagram and ViewBug. 


Bruna Lauletta

Photography for me is a fun way to explore the possibilities and the world around us. I like to capture colours, textures, an interesting architecture, something curious that I have never seen before or just a breathtaking view. I like to see the beauty of things that can easily pass unnoticed. It is an opportunity to look around, stop, look a little closer and be amazed. Overall, photography  is my own reminding of how wonderful our world can be


Nandi Patel

Photography is a passion that is a very important part of my space now. It all started just about a year ago when I got my first DSLR camera. Passionate as I was I mostly learned by just taking and analysing photos without lots of knowledge from the books. The self-learning and exploring method still makes it just more interesting for me. I believe that photography is to discover, capture, giving flow to what the heart feels and sees in a certain moment; and there isn’t a certain way to learn and understand creativity.


Sital Patel

An aspiring artist offering, all aspect of photography. i create these images in my daily travels and depends on where I am and how I try to develop myself as a photographer and as an artist living in London and love to travel i like to bring out the best in my pictures. There is never a  dull moment where I am that I don’t snap away using my camera.

Wendy Tuffin

I love taking photographs, it allows me to share with others what I see & how I see it. My passion for the subject began as a youngster, after I was lent a single lens reflex camera to capture images of fireworks.
I am inspired by the light, be it the glow of the sunset or dawn, the tranquility after a storm, the shimmering reflection of the night lights or the sparkle in a child's eyes. The light can make the ugliest things beautiful, without it we have only darkness, in the dark we cannot see the beauty that surrounds us.

Zdenka Ivankova
I found photography interesting at a young age, but only started to develop my hobby.
I love taking shots of street life, observing people in everyday life, places, landscapes, architecture and nature.


Fatma Huseyin

I am at my happiest whilst being creative.
As a child I drew, as a teenager I painted, as an adult I took to photography. Here I am now, with my camera in hand, exploring and capturing life through my viewfinder.
My photography is eclectic, I capture whatever makes me smile. From street photography, to landscapes, to architecture however, my fish eye lens is by far my favourite, as it opens up the possibilities of an unusual perspectives. This is why I have chosen to share some of my more creative pieces. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do :)

Juliana Lauletta

Imagine, create and be surprised. Rather than just taking a snapshot, I am more interested in expressing ideas, crafting things from scratch and capturing the unexpected. That means that I come up with a concept, I build the props, add an element of surprise (usually water or fire) and I fall into a contemplative state while the scene unfolds before my eyes. In a millisecond, whatever I am focusing through my lens can change completely and it is like discovering the extraordinary in something ordinary. I love to explore the magic of storytelling through one single frame. And I am always on a quest to blur the line between photography and imagination.


Nathalie Chace
I find we all see things differently, our eyes attracted to particular shapes, lines and colors.. and my camera allows me to share how I see the world around me. I love stumbling upon a street scene and trying to capture it. I particularly enjoy shadow plays and reflections, whether of a building window or just a puddle. I like to surprise people, looking for the peculiar in ordinary scenes, maybe encouraging them to take a different look.


Teresa Jambur

Being always passionate about photography, I have started taking it more seriously over the last few years. What inspires me as an artist is the ability to show the world that surrounds us in a way in which we don’t necessarily look at it, highlighting the elements we may not pay too much attention to in our everyday busy lives. That is why I like experimenting with different types of techniques, mostly focusing on long exposure, black and white, nature and close-up photography. In this exhibition I will present works in which I have used long exposure to depict the beauty of the cityscapes at night by concentrating on the light movement, light trails and reflections - emphasising the details which can only be observed by capturing the continuity of time in a single frame.

Leticia Lima

I bring in my photographs, my connection with nature and the cycles of life, showing kind of a mysterious look. Common places on our day can reveal much more than we imagine, we just need to know how to look and break the barriers that blind us to the world. I'm a big fan of Fine Art photography. My work is influenced by film directors, writers and photographers, which are mostly related with horror and terror scenery.


Daniela Eorendjian Torrente

I use the photographic language as a form of artistic expression since 1998. Through photography I search for the memory of the everyday life that we usually forget. Utilizing textures, filters and windows, my goal is to question what is seen, prompting unknown and at the same time familiar feelings. This series is called “Do not enter” and it brings images from downtown Sao Paulo Brazil. The photos are taken from the inside of the car while driving through the streets of the city and I intend to activate the feeling of not letting ourselves be touched by the reality of the outside world.

Romulo Gonçalves

My creative practice includes painting, works on paper, constructions / installations, and photography. All media I use inform and complement each other. They go along together. I just use it and make it possible for the work to be in that particular point that I want it to be. Street photography, landscapes and still life photography play an important role in my approach to the medium. Medium format and instant film bring comfort in terms of size and process and convey the urgency of the photographic moment.

The impermanent and permanent of human life versus habitat and the “outside wild world” are my sources of inspiration. I follow my instinct and look for the poetry within the moment.

Jini Beligammana

I take photos of most anything that captures my eye, but my interest lies in wanting to express the essence of the everyday life of people, wildlife,  and nature. The 2 on exhibition were both taken in Srilanka, where I was vacationing. 

The first is an early morning scene at Trincomalee beach of fishermen drawing in their nets, taken in March  2015.

The 2 nd photo was taken in June 2016 at Willpattu national park around 6 am. I loved taking this shot of motionless egrets and oriental darters gathered  together, eagerly looking forward to  capturing their breakfast.


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