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Leap of Utopia
Espacio Gallery, London E2 7DG
22 - 27 November 2022


Opening Night: 22 November 6 - 8 pm

This exhibition is a very expansive 'leap', intended to connect artists of all nationalities, ages and professions, large and small, and to create a dialogue between different depictions of utopia. Looking through the eyes of these children and adults, we desire to challenge our perception of reality. Perhaps no utopia will ever finally be realised, but every attempt to take a leap towards it creates hope for ourselves and the people and things around us in an inadequate reality.


In the imagination of new utopias, children and artists can always bring inspiration. Children are natural artists, their unregulated minds still retaining a curiosity about the world that allows them to understand and depict everything around them in a wildly unrealistic way. This unrealistic childishness has become a critical and transcendent power in a repressed and crystallized reality. And artists often use this childishness to create work that allows them to break through certainties and prejudices, question and challenge established stereotypes or hierarchies, and sketch alternative histories, realities or futures.



Names of Participating Artists:

Daishu (Andi), Yuqi Pan, Jinze Chen (Max), Saya Zhang, Qianran Chen (Rainbow), Xiaoye Han (Dva), Nathan Xu, Yanzhe Wang (Toby), Xiaoshi Zhang, Chuhuan Sun, Qingyuan Yu (Natalie), Yibai, Ziya Lin, Szu-yuan Lee, Hongtao Li, Hailing Liu, Zitai Zhang, Yidan Xie, Junchao Ren, Hao Xing, Linda Shen, Yang Tian, Winnie Zhu

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