Eight: the symbol of the Infinite; of ancient understandings timeless and boundless. 

In this multi-sensory show, eight international artists explore the aspects of Infinity that resonate with them on a deeply personal level and influence their daily lives. From the physical to the sensual, from the Cycle of Life and the rhythms in Nature to duality and empowerment, the Infinity symbol itself is within each of us via the endlessly looping strands of our DNA.  Come and explore your own relationship to the Infinite in this fascinating and thought-provoking show.  

Beatriz Acevedo


Esperanza Gomez-Carrera

Helen Campbell

Marianne Frank

Nicola Weir

Renee Rilexie

Tomas Amare

The Infinity of Eight

Beatriz Acevedo is a Colombian artist/educator, working in the intersections between art, education and psycho-magic, using a wide variety of media: painting, performance, textile and collage. 

Beatriz focuses on the iconography of the eight or the infinite, as two co-existent spheres, representing a perfect balance between the spiritual and the material. Using collage and mixed media, Beatriz aims at revealing the visual expressions in which this perfect balance can be achieved and the potential of art for healing and spiritual development.  In particular, her work for this exhibition is rooted in the iconography of pre-columbian indigenous communities in South America, and her collages explore how shamans and healers travelled through these two spheres of the spiritual and the physical, with the help of rituals and the power of nature. In this sense, Beatriz work develops the notion of “psycho-magic” developed by Alejandro Jodorwosky and the way in which art can heal and provoke transformative reactions with audiences. As part of the exhibition Beatriz is inviting audiences to co-create and co-heal through two main events: a workshop on “Intuitive Collage” and an interactive lecture on “animals and shamanism in pre-columbian indigenous culture”. 


The Infinity of Eight


Everything that changes is illusionary what does not change is infinite.

Personal and global changes can be challenging but they can also be instrumental in bringing in new perspectives and often too, a more enlightened way forward.

Most of us have or will in the future, experience life challenges and my significant personal challenge has been that I am currently experiencing a steady deterioration of my sight due to a rare genetic disease, (Ocular Albinism) andalso Glaucoma. 

As both diseases are degenerative in nature, it took me a while to adjust and arrive at a place of total acceptance.  It was at that point of acceptance when I realised that I was simply not prepared to give up my huge passion for painting.   I understood that it might not be easy to continue but something inside me knew that this was my path in life.  

I began the process by experimenting with a variety of new techniques and methods that would allow me to develop and transform my work.

Over the past year I have been closely observing a variety of works, particularly those of Wassily Kandinsky, Frank Bowling, Gillian Ayres, Kimsooja and Agnes Martin. Although, they each have a completely different approach to creating their amazing works, it is very evident that each of these Artists are influenced greatly by both the spiritual and the human condition and I believe it is this aspect of their work that resonates deeply with us, the viewer. 

I am greatly influenced by these great Artists, they have inspired me to work more freely, experimentally and courageously but always with integrity, passion and authenticity. 

My daily practice of meditation and walking in nature has also been instrumental in both the development of good effective working practice and for the elimination of unnecessary mind chatter. This has created a sense of joy, connectivity, acceptance and peace within me. 


 You only have one life

     And it is forever.      Mooji  

The Infinity of Eight

Esperanza Gomez-Carrera

Apart from representing infinity when lying horizontal the number 8 signifies so much more.

For me it is a symbol of balance, justice and renewal. Eight represents the beginning of something new. The eighth day is the beginning of a new week. In a musical scale a new octave starts with the number eight. In many cultures the number 8 is considered a bond of union linking our world to a more improved, larger and more developed world.

Precisely eight years ago my life turned around completely, I started a second life, I was reborn, that is why I identify so strongly with this number. My studio in London is number 8 and I have an apartment in the south of Spain called "El Ocho".

In the past the number 8 was considered "a desired goal". On its journey to salvation the soul had to cross seven heavens where each of the seven planets were. At the end of the journey the soul reached the eighth sphere which was formed by immobile stars. The eighth sphere was where the gods lived.

Lest we forget The Noble Eightfold Path of Buddha.