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13 - 23 September 2017


Menier Gallery- Lower Gallery

51 Southwark Street, SE1 1RU


Going beyond the surface, exploring the illusions of life, the change of art, time, fashion, environment and the perception we’re fed, what is reality and what isn’t ? Does reality still exists in the age of technology and the changing times of social media?  Can we trust our own eyes?


Adam Lucy

Alan Hudleston

Anila Hussain

Ann Petruckevitch

Aphra Shemza

Audrey Kirk

Barry Moore

Bruna Lauletta

Carolan Lyne

Caroline Friedman

Caterina Campagnaro

Chris Dunseath

Chris Vervain

Christina Clementel

Deborah Pearse

Diana Peisley

Diane Maclean

Eliza John

Farnoush Amini

Fatma Huseyin

Felicity Whitehead 

Frances Featherstone

Gabor Paszti

Ian Butcher

Janet Lynch

Jemimah Patterson

John Fitzmaurice

Joseph Johnson

Juliana Lauletta

Lisa Cirenza

Lisa Kreuziger

Luiza Abrams

Maddison Langford

Maisie Parker

Mike Quirke

Natalie Chace

Norma D. Hunter

Patsy Hickman

Paula Koski

Ralph Overill

Robert Peters

Ronis Varlaam

Shiela Malhotra

Trevor Jones

Venesha Thompson

Wendy Tuffin

Instagram Competition

Giuseppe Mungo

Herbert Kozu

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