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Dundas Street Gallery

6 Dundas St.  Edinburgh EH3 6HZ

Private Views 

21 August - 5:30 - 8:30 pm

22 August  - 12 - 3 pm

Opening Hrs:  

Mon - Fri :  12 - 6pm

Sat:  12 - 3 pm

Sunday Closed


There’s little normal about the ’new normal’.  What seemed important in March maybe doesn’t seem so vital now.  What was taken for granted is now recognised and valued.


In this show, members of the  'The Artists Pool' give a personal response to finding their lives turned upside down by lockdown.  When the rushing abruptly ceased, all routines fell out of the window and living in the present became the only option, what assumed value?  Combining new ideas developed during the lockdown with older works that resonate once more, this diverse and intriguing exhibition encourages the viewer to explore their own response and contemplate the losses and precious moments that form their own experience of these extraordinary times.

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