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Private View

17 October 6 - 8:30 pm


For this exhibition artists explore the complexities of human existence. From the physical to the spiritual, from birth to death through growth and change, we all share the essentials of human experience yet our reactions to life events are as unique as our DNA. 

In this show, each artist gives their response to the aspects of life most personal to them.  The result is a fascinating exploration of what makes us human: from the intimacy of portraiture to the wider contemplation of spirituality, the miracles of the human body and the challenges of sickness and loss and love.  


Artists Talk and Music

Saturday 19 October 12 - 2 pm 

Come and meet the artists, discuss their ideas, art discipline, passion and what the human condition means to them


Edinburgh-based Boy:48 has been writing and recording music since 1988. His SoundCloud page has more than 150 tracks on it, and he posts new songs at the rate of about one a month; his seventeenth collection of tracks, Ozalid, will be released in the autumn. This will be his first-ever solo performance, showcasing intimate, humorous and beautiful material never heard before.


24 October 6 - 8 pm


Adam Lucy

Speaking Your Truth 

Poetry and Open Mic Evening


Poetry is an integral part of Adams work and a major tool in his creative arsenal. Adam will share a selection of poems with you throughout the event and then open the floor for poets, spoken word and performance from the public. 


If you’ve not performed before we hope you’ll feel inspired be able to share your work. Speaking You Truth will be a safe space to show and share with others and enjoy the surrounding exhibition.


Refreshments served

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