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"Fragments of Life" flow into the works of international artists at the Castello di Costigliole

The event was born from the collaboration between the Fly Art Cultural Association of Turin, the Castle and the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Costigliole which offered extensive support to the initiative.

The exhibition is also supported by the Ugo Guidi Museum of Massa Carrara, by the Artistic Documentary Committee Gierut of Pietrasanta (Lu) by the Solid Arts Association of Novara, by the Brancati Cultural Movement of Scicli (Rg), by Axtra Digital Art of Turin and by the group The Artist’s Pool based in London but which, parallel to the Fly Art Association of Turin, represents a conspicuous aggregation of selected artists from all over the world. 


Fragments of life
Costigliole Castle

Hours: Friday 15-19, Saturday and Sunday 10.30-12.30 and 15-19

Free admission

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Review and Article by Breaking Latest News

An international art exhibition arrives at the Castello di Costigliole (inauguration today, Saturday 2 April, at 4 pm). AND «Fragments of life»clean yes Roberto Borra and Karina Lukasikwhich is presented with the Museum’s small-format exhibition “Mipac 20×20 in the castle” by Alberto Bongini and Alessandro Merlosecond stage of the permanent traveling museum of contemporary art, successfully presented at Palazzo Lucerna di Rorà in Bene Vagienna (Cn) from January to March.


The Mipac Museum in the 20×20 cm format is an innovative project because in addition to being itinerant, on every exhibition occasion it transforms itself into a new, unpredictable form of artistic installation, taking on different aspects in relation to the characteristics of the spaces that host it.


The content
“Fragments of Art is not an exhibition, Magritte would say – explains Roberto Borra – It is an immersive experience that feeds on the flow of fragments of the life of other human beings who, through art, take up the lost threads of their existences to recompose them in a complex visionary fabric made up of emotions and sensations of dramas and joys, of indelible moments. Profound experiences that in their alternation of inhalation / exhalation, extension and contraction, immerse us in the vital flow of the “breath of life” ».


The exhibition features works by about fifty selected artists from various regions of Italy and from Switzerland, Holland, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Croatia, England, Scotland, Spain, Germany, United States, Yemen, China and Japan. The exhibition places no limits on art forms: painting, sculpture, photography, digital art, engraving, recycle art, installation and textile art.


Also on display are paintings of figures of the caliber of Ezio Gribaudo (among other things in permanence at the MoMA in New York, Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice), Carmelo Candiano (Group of Piero Guccione, of the 9 of Scicli), Marta Gierut of which, in addition to drawings and paintings, poems from the book “The face and the mask” (Editoriale Giorgio Mondadori) will also be presented. The presence of some photographs of Anne Conway (National Geographic, New York Times, Sunday Times) and engravings of two great protagonists of the ‘900 such as Joan Mirò and Alberto Giacometti. 


The exhibition presents an excursus of thematic fragments that address aspects of human existence through the most disparate artistic expressions. Thus the exhibition unfolds through distant and sometimes disconnected fragments of lost memory, passing through faces, portraits, places and journeys still vivid in the memory and pulsating in the heart until it reaches the most recent fragments of the “restless present” perturbed by epochal pandemics. and terrible winds of war. The comparison is evident between those who consider art as a pure expression of instinct, who as an exasperated search for objective realism and / or technique and who, again, as a sublimation of their own free thought. And part of the current of free thought are the visceral poems of the unconscious of the artist and poet Gian Guido Grassi, which, created specifically for the event, accompany us along the halls of the Castle to underline a mutual stimulating creative dialogue between the arts. It is an exhibition dedicated to total freedom of expression and the comparison between the most distant cultures and generations united in the enchantment of a castle with a centuries-old history.

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