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Women's History Month 2019

6-16 March 

Opening Night - 6 March 6-8:30 pm

The Dundas Street Gallery

6 Dundas St., Edinburgh EH3 6HZ

Featuring a passionate group of artists from across the UK, Europe and South America, finding, linking and expressing the threads that connect us through our human experiences, gender, relationships, health, environment, country, culture, languages and more.

Threads Edinburgh 2019 Red and Yellow Ba

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri  12-6 pm

Sat  11-3 pm

Closed on Sundays

Free Events


International Women's Day

8 March 12:30 -6 pm

12:30 pm -  Essential Oils and Wellbeing    

2:00 pm -   A Letter to Myself

                     Writing and Poetry Reading

4:00 pm -    Chat Circle 

Refreshments Served

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