Szilvia Ponyiczki 

Szilvia Ponyiczki
Szilvia Ponyiczki

Way of Love

Szilvia Ponyiczki
Szilvia Ponyiczki

Inner Voices

Szilvia Ponyiczki
Szilvia Ponyiczki


Szilvia Ponyiczki
Szilvia Ponyiczki

Hypnagogic Creature

Szilvia Ponyiczki
Szilvia Ponyiczki

Caught in the Whirl

Szilvia Ponyiczki
Szilvia Ponyiczki


Szilvia Ponyiczki
Szilvia Ponyiczki

Fire of Despair

Szilvia Ponyiczki
Szilvia Ponyiczki

Lost Head

Szilvia Ponyiczki is a British-Hungarian artist based in Lincolnshire. Her work brings together interrogations concerning identity, our personal and collective unconscious, and delves into the symbolism, messages and representation of dreams.


Her worked as an architect for fifteen years and fine art practice has always been an important factor in her life. In 2016 she began her studies for an MFA degree in Nottingham.


“I think that to live a happy and satisfying life, we have to believe in our own significance and in a meaningful existence, whilst acknowledging and respecting the uniqueness and intrinsic value of every human being. To achieve this, having a clear sense of one’s own identity and individuality are crucial.”


Szilvia paints mainly with acrylics, incorporating text elements in different languages into her paintings as metaphors for the unconscious and as symbols of multiculturality and constant change which are important factors in her own life. The same way as these texts cannot be fully read or understood, the information from our unconscious cannot be completely retrieved.


The feelings invoked by her work lead the audience to scrutinize their own life and struggles, to look within, ultimately to discover their own truth, identity, and meaning.



2016 - present: MFA (Fine Art) - Nottingham Trent University, UK

2004 - 2008: MBA - Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary

1992 - 1997: MSc (Arch) - Budapest University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture, Hungary


Recent exhibitions:

11. 2017 - 'Evocativo' Exhibition, Turin, Italy

07. 2017 - ‘Dreams and Extremes’ Exhibition, finalist, Lichfield Cathedral, Lichfield

07. 2017 - ‘Event One’ Exhibition, Primary, Nottingham

07-08. 2017 - Chester Art Centre Open Exhibition, Chester

06. 2017 - MFA winner, Nottingham, Trent University marketing campaign, ‘MA show student image’

06. 2017 - ‘Threads’Exhibition, Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh

03. 2017 - Mixed Exhibition, Carre Gallery, Sleaford

03. 2017 - ‘Threads’ Exhibition, Espacio Gallery, London

12  2016 - Poly-Art Exhibition, Érd, Hungary

11. 2016 - eNRA Exhibition, Art Gallery of the Mining Museum, Rozsnyó, Slovakia

11. 2016 - ‘Mustra’ Exhibition, Community Centre, Érd, Hungary

10. 2016 - RSMA Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London

08. 2016 - ROVAS Exhibition, MKE Artists’ Residency, Tihany, Hungary

02. 2016 - eNRA group exhibition in the Vermes Villa’s Contemporary Hungarian Art Gallery, Slovakia

04. 2014 - ‘Összhangban / In harmony’ solo exhibition with Emőke László, Community Centre, Érd, Hungary

11. 2014 - eNRA group exhibition of Rovás, Art Gallery of the Mining Museum of Rozsnyó, Slovakia

05. 2014 - Group exhibition, International Friendship Group, Grantham Town Hall, UK

What don't we know about you?
 I love when traditional artistic techniques and methods surprise me, like Thangka painting or the Vietnamese lacquer  technique.

Favourite Book?
Weöres Sándor: “A teljesség felé” – I love every word of it. Unfortunately it is only available in Hungarian.

Favourite Artist?
Depends on my mood, but Leonora Carrington or Dave McKean are always on the top of my list.

Favourite Quotes?

“To see a world in a grain of sand

And a heaven in a wild flower,

Hold infinity in the palm of your hand

And eternity in an hour.” 

by William Blake


How do you keep the balance in life?

Analysing my dreams helps a lot, but maintaining balance is difficult.