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As artists ourselves, we're aware of the many details and time involved in preparing for a solo or group exhibit.  

The services we provide can assist you in making this process easier and less stressful, thus, allowing you the time to focus on creating your masterpieces.  


We will work closely with you and your budget to ease the pressure of oversight and overspending.




Organising and Curating:

We've organised and curated quite a number of exhibits in the past years, and crossed paths with hundreds of artists across all medium.   Our relationship with artists we've worked with goes beyond budget and finances, it includes upholding a sense of harmony, ethics, responsibility,  professionalism and respect. 

Gallery Technician:

Our gallery technicians have an eagle eye for details. Each piece of artwork whether it be 2D or 3D will be hung and placed with precision and visual appeal.

Graphics and Video

Our talented graphic and video artist can create the perfect invitation/video or poster to promote you and your work.


We have an onsite photography darkroom and professional photo studio.  


We have a list of reliable, responsible and attentive invigilators, who are very familiar with art, and who always give their utmost best when representing an artist and their artwork during invigilation.  

Please contact us for more details and prices:




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