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Rilexie is a mixed media artist. Her work explore and reflects her synaesthesia, a blending of her senses where she can translate sound into colours.  Sound, colour, sensory and emotions have become the common thread that links her paintings and art installations.


Her work has become informed by scientific research in to the human mind and function of the brain.


Rilexie’s paintings focuses on the emotional power of colour frequencies to influence our state of mind.

She explained in her own words......"Music and other sounds speak directly into my soul, stirring up bolts of colour from the depths of my unconscious mind and connecting me to the essence of life.  Sound and colours have always had a profound meaning in my life." 

Her multi-sensory, multi-media art installations explore themes for all ages.  For her, every installation, from the start of an idea and through the creative process is emotional and enriching.   Her hope is for the everyday audience to engage with their dormant senses and emotions in the simplest way, to stop for a moment and experience a deeper emotional connection within themselves and their senses whilst being present within the installation.

Rileixe has a special interests in meditation, shamanic drumming and the power of art to promote personal transformation.  

What don't we know about you?
I'm a huge Star Trek, Star Wars and Marvel Comics fan

Favourite Book?
One to live by......  "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz

Favourite Artist?
Too many.....Rembrandt, Kandinsky especially 

Favourite Quotes?
"Everything that lives must die"

What couldn't you live without?
Connection with Sound of the Universe, Love and Human Beings

How do you keep the balance in life?

It's a daily process, I try to keep moderation in mind most of the time. 

Drumming helps keep body, mind and spirit in harmony

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