Nick Hazzard

After completing a BA in Fine Art at The Sir John Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design, I became one of the original members of Espacio, a co-op gallery run and funded by a group of artists working across all contemporary visual arts media who wanted a space of their own specially designed to meet their needs. Since then I have taken part in many exhibition, both at Espacio and elsewhere, and last year I joined The Artistsʼ Pool. Over the years my work has encompassed abstract painting, collage, and, more recently, figurative drawing.

The driving force behind much of my work is chance and order, chaos and control. There is a struggle between maintaining the coherence of a piece while allowing enough freedom to keep the work fresh. Often it changes, sometimes to the point of destruction, but then a sudden insight, even an accident, can give it new life. Itʼs a bit like being an explorer, which can be dangerous but also exciting. As the famous German artist Gerhard Richter has said of abstraction, “Itʼs so mysterious, like an unknown land.”




2017 - Evocativo, Artgallery37, Turin
2017 - Threads, The Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh
2017 - Lost & Found, Espacio Gallery, London
2016 - Shifting States, Espacio Gallery, London
2016 - Discovery: Reimagining Darwin’s World, Espacio Gallery, London
2015 - Artists in Wonderland, Espacio Gallery, London
2014 - About Brick Lane, Espacio Gallery, London
2014 - Catching The Eye, The Crypt Gallery, London
2013 - Quantum: A Journey Through The Standard Model, Espacio Gallery, London

2013 - Strata, Espacio Gallery, London
2013 - A Spot of Red, Menier Gallery, London
2013 - Melange, Espacio Gallery, London
2012 - Temptation, Espacio Gallery, London
2012 - Harmony, Espacio Gallery, London
2012 - Going Places, Menier Gallery, London
2012 - Transformations, Espacio Gallery, London
2012 - 100 Metres 100 Artists, Espacio Gallery, London
2012 - In Constant Motion, Menier Gallery, London
2012 - Not in Transit, The Bar Gallery, London
2011 - Collective Studios, Dolphin Square, London
2010 - Elements, Candid Arts Gallery, London
2010 - Connections, East Gallery, London
2010 - Perspectives, East Gallery, London
2010 - Art Bin, South London Gallery, London
2008 - Presence, The Crypt Gallery, London
2007 - 21⁄2D, Brick Lane Gallery, London
2006 0 Subcutaneous, 106 Leonard Street, London
2004 - Out of the Blue - Into the Red, Mary Ward Centre, London 


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