Laurence Causse-Parsley

“Color possesses me. I don’t have to pursue it. It will possess me always, I know it. That is the meaning of this happy hour: Color and I are one. I am a painter“ Paul Klee (1879–1940), The Diaries of Paul Klee 1898-1918, entry for April 16, 1914 (1957, trans. 1965).

The day I decided to dedicate my time to painting, I found my place in the world. I was 37. I feel lucky each time I walk to my studio. Or when a thought which may become a  painting comes to my mind. It is not a grand declaration; it is not a big place. It is simply a way of moving from one day to the next on my own terms.

I walk, I travel, I am struck by a small corner of a wall layered with flaking paints and ripped posters, or by a majestic landscape viewed from a plane. I paint. I walk, I travel, I meet people sleeping in a shady corner or a crowd of women. I paint. My painting is about colours and energy.


I walk, I travel, I pick up a stone or a piece of reclaimed wood on a beach. I try to sculpt.

Since 2010, I have been working out of Make Space Studios in London’s East End and am part of the Espacio group that runs the Espacio gallery on London’s Bethnal Green Road.

London is the most recent stopover on my travels. From 2000 to 2010, I lived in Asia with my family. Mumbai’s Hacienda gallery in the Khala Godha district welcomed my first solo exhibition in 2003. During a one-year stay in Taïpei, Taïwan, I trained to become a volunteer guide at its National Palace Museum. There I discovered art of the Tang and Song dynasties and it remains a constant source of inspiration.


Then followed six years in Thaïland where I joined Bangkok’s art community, working with numerous galleries, while sharing my passion through painting workshops for children and adults. Before moving back to Europe, I was given the opportunity to decorate a Karen chapel in the Northern village of Maewe and  my Paths series of paintings was shown at The New York Affordable Art Fair by Bangkok’s La Lanta gallery.


My decade in Asia was a radical change from my early years rooted in the South of France. I was brought up in Nice, in a family of architects and art lovers and spent the first 18 years of my life in the beautiful landscapes of the Mediterranean, between Nice, Provence and Montpellier.  I studied political science, and in parallel followed various fine arts classes. When I returned to France from England with an MA in Political Sciences from Nottingham University, I worked in marketing while discovering acrylic painting in Yves Desvaux Veeska’s studio The move to India in 2000 gave me the opportunity to dedicate myself full time to painting.


Thanks to Desvaux-Veeska and other artists along the way (such as Pr Vivek Daas, an enamel artist in Mumbai, or William Mazzari and Patricia Tardy with whom I started to learn portrait oil painting, Audrey Welsh artist , Christèle Guérard sculptor, Chéneau du Siam artist and traveller…), I have learned a lot and kept my mind open to new sources of inspiration and new media of expression.



Award, Residency, Interdisciplinary Project, Collaborations


Oct 2016   -   East-West Award 2015, Finalists exhibition at La galleria, Pall Mall.

April 2016  -   Artist in Residence, Kyoto, Japan, EWAAC.                        .

Oct 2015   -    East-West Award 2015, Finalists exhibition at La galleria, Pall Mall.

March 2015  - Vaults Festival, Waterloo, Umbra choreographyaphy, with Creation Box, Cross-disciplinary show.

Since 2011   -  Collaboration with RISK magazine to illustrate the front page.


Selected group exhibitions in the UK    



Focus LDN Winter Exhibition, Menier London.

Threads, Dundas  Street Gallery, Edinburgh.

Contemporaries, Pld Brompton Street Gallery, London.


Focus Ldn Winter Exhibition, Menier Gallery, London.

The Londoner’s compass, Strand Gallery, London.

The Art of Regeneration, Menier Gallery, London.    



Art fair, Maverick Art Fair, Barge House, London.

Place and Space, Espacio Gallery, London.

The Portrait Show, Espacio Gallery, London.


Wood Wind and Water, Espacio Gallery, London.

Portrait, Espacio Gallery, London.

In with the new, Menier Gallery, London.


A spot of red, Menier Gallery, London.

Reveal, Espacio Gallery, London,.



Simulator Gallery, London


International selected solo & group exhibitions



The Affordable Art Fair, New York, with La Lanta Fine Arts.

Presbytère d'Ansouis, France, Group.

Another Side, La Lanta Fine Arts, Bangkok, Group


Art Festival, Rotunda Gallery, Bangkok.

Personal Voyages, Chevron Gallery, ISB, Bangkok, Group.



Music Through Art, Art Republic, Bangkok, Group.

Paradox, Art Gallery Bangkok and Casa Pagoda, Bangkok, Solo.



French Fusion, La Lanta Fine Arts,Bangkok, Group.

Passages, Presbytère d'Ansouis, France, Solo.


2005            And so it is, Rotunda Gallery, Bangkok, Solo,

2003            Hacienda Gallery, Bombay, Solo.



Commissions and charity events


Commissions for private collectors in 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013.

One painting donated to STROKE, charity fund raising, Scotland, June 2016.

Institutional commission: Quadriptych for the chancel of a chapel in the Karen village of Maewe, North Thailand, 2010.

Enfants du Mékong Charity Gala, paintings donated for auction, November 2010 & 2012.




Art workshops


French Lycée, Primary classes, London, 2011-2012.

French Lycée, Primary classes, Bangkok, 2004-2006.

Private workshops adults and children, Bangkok, 2006-2010.

One day IB-student workshop at The International School of Bangkok, November 2009.