COLLECTIVE CREATES PRO MEX OF ART AND CULTURE Crea pro mex is a free and voluntary integration of participants to carry out art and culture activities. Our integration has developed activities since 2013: 23 pictorial exhibitions -collective and individual-, 6 long-term workshops, conferences and radio interviews. The purpose of our work is to propose: • Contribute with visual, linguistic, sound and visual creators to seek the human development of society through the exhibition and promotion of contemporary artistic creation that is being carried out in Mexico. • Develop art and culture activities in public or private institutions, in community or neighborhood organizations to help with crime prevention programs and the promotion of human rights. Providing research studies, diagnosis and prognosis of these issues. • Position our art and culture activities as a means to express and communicate in an emotionally healthy way; cultivate a more constructive and positive consciousness in society, to transmit human values ​​and bring about a more tolerant and sustainable coexistence.  "From Oaxaca, to the world" It is a program designed by the collective "crea pro mex" to present the works made by Mexican creators headed by people of Oaxacan origin, through individual and collective exhibitions; as well as talks, conferences and painting workshops, to contribute to the eradication of race discrimination; for the preservation of native languages ​​as a national heritage, among the topics already described. We present the activities carried out since 2013, coordinated and headed by a server: Sincerely, Roberto Cortés Arellano. General Coordinator of the Collective

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