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17 October 6 - 8:30 pm

For this exhibition artists explore the complexities of human existence. From the physical to the spiritual, from birth to death through growth and change, we all share the essentials of human experience yet our reactions to life events are as unique as our DNA. 

In this show, each artist gives their response to the aspects of life most personal to them.  The result is a fascinating exploration of what makes us human: from the intimacy of portraiture to the wider contemplation of spirituality, the miracles of the human body and the challenges of sickness and loss and love.  

Helen Campbell
To the Sea
Disconnect from the noise. Stop. Look. Breathe. Feel the shock of the icy seawater lapping your feet, let your toes squelch into the wet sand. Surge and submerge with the waves as you surrender to the pulsing of the tide. Then rest: feel the warmth of the Earth and let the glow of the sunset light your face and guide you towards night. We are part of Nature and Nature is part of us. Roll with the rhythm.
Esra Kizir Gokcen
Sail to Hope 15
Our world is becoming smaller than ever, as if, even sailing to another land by a paper boat is possible. People are relocating, changing lives, for hope, for a better life. Fast information exchange is strengthening the motivation among the people from less developed countries to relocate.
My latest series, “Sail to Hope” focuses on effects of globalisation, especially immigration - an inspiring yet unknown journey for a hopeful future.
Elke Counsell
"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle" Albert Einstein
Beta Overdrive
Renee Rilexie uses the human head – so often the focus of social media selfies and profile pictures – to interrogate the human condition in a digital era.
Lisa Cirenza
Asked to respond to the "Human Condition" opening next week in Edinburgh--so much to respond to-- the constant beauty of nature and our destruction thereof, fires, heatwaves, droughts, floods, and the ensuing fear feeding the global rise of racism, fascism, and loss of empathy...

The one consistent reaction I saw in the 5 countries visited in the last 6 months, was people (zombies?) escaping into their phones, or running around being very, efficiently, “ busy"...
Lily Taylor

Coming to terms with the sudden loss of my grandfather, this series explores the seemingly endless grief of loss as well as the joy of having the love of the person that has gone. Heavily inspired by my travels of Mexico, prominent and joyful colours are interwoven with dark moments and funery imagery and expression. The cultural practice of honouring the dead in joyful memory and ritualistic colour and parades resounded in me with perceiving my own grief.
Audrey Kirk
We are all connected through life, emotionality & death.
By nature we are emotional beings and as such our emotions define us.
My latest series ‘Against thyself’ takes an introspective look at the hidden commonalities of the human experience, the internal struggle, the acceptance and forgiveness of our frailties and the renewal of self.
Adam Lucy
Road Map
Memories are but stories, stitched together through time. They fragment and fade with the passing of the years, so much so, a memory recalled will never reflect the true moment in its entirety. These 3 works explore memory, the memory of pain and its ability to sharpen recall and the memories of those departed. The wish to maintain a clear image of those we loved yet the conflict that arises engendered by the pain of their absence.

They are individual works, brought together as a Trip
Nicola Weir
In my work I enjoy the tactile and exploring different practices of mixed media with drawing, painting, and printmaking.
With delicate layers of watercolour, pastel and inks, on fine papers and muslin, the images and words tease between the surface, and hints of what is below.
Fragile layers, natural healing properties and the essence of flowers becoming more important... literally seeping into my work.
Nihad al Turk
Nihad Al Turk was
born in Aleppo in 1972, Nihad Al Turk is a self-taught Syrian artist who now lives and works in Edinburgh.
Denis Houlian
Little Whispers of Me
The paintings are inspired by the fragility of memory ,the fading recollection on lost loves , the loneliness of solitude , the " Human Condition ".
Marianne Frank
I portray stories and narratives from everyday life, as they unfold in response to social morals and interactions: Stories that go beneath the surface, revealing personal perspectives.
The project is inspired by feelings of isolation from society. Portraying personal limitations, helplessness, and fear of stepping outside one’s personal comfort zones. The project started out mainly figuratively but soon became increasingly abstract. In this series of work I have used my own body as a metaphor.
Szilvia Ponyiczki
Szilvia's work brings together interrogations concerning identity, our personal and the collective unconscious and society's effect on the individual. Szilvia paints with acrylics incorporating collage elements; basing her works on the symbolism, messages and representation of dreams.
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Artists Talk and Music

Saturday 19 October 12 - 2 pm 

Come and meet the artists, discuss their ideas, art discipline, passion and what the human condition means to them


Edinburgh-based Boy:48 has been writing and recording music since 1988. His SoundCloud page has more than 150 tracks on it, and he posts new songs at the rate of about one a month; his seventeenth collection of tracks, Ozalid, will be released in the autumn. This will be his first-ever solo performance, showcasing intimate, humorous and beautiful material never heard before.


24 October 6 - 8 pm


Adam Lucy

Speaking Your Truth 

Poetry and Open Mic Evening


Poetry is an integral part of Adams work and a major tool in his creative arsenal. Adam will share a selection of poems with you throughout the event and then open the floor for poets, spoken word and performance from the public. 


If you’ve not performed before we hope you’ll feel inspired be able to share your work. Speaking You Truth will be a safe space to show and share with others and enjoy the surrounding exhibition.


Refreshments served

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Szilvia Ponyiczki

Szilvia's work brings together interrogations concerning identity, our personal and the collective unconscious and society's effect on the individual. Szilvia paints with acrylics incorporating collage elements; basing her works on the symbolism, messages and representation of dreams.