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Opening Night

6 August 6-8:30 pm


8 August 2020

11 am - 12:30 pm - Mono-Print Workshop

              by LAC (Laurence Causse-Parsley)

1:00 pm - Spoken Word by Kirsty Taylor

1:45 pm - Live Music by David White

The exhibition explores much of the human experience. Each artist brings their own unique perspective on topics including Scottish mythology, cultural icons, dolls, folklore, migration, dementia, and urban environments.  Their individual responses to their inspirations result in a unique and thoughtful body of work. Using a variety of media diverse as characterful screen prints, evocative masks, intriguing mosaics and vibrant collage the artists begin an energetic visual dialogue with the viewer.  From paintings inspired by a grandparent’s sketchbook through to vivacious symbolic portraits and haunting landscapes Exposed displays the rich and varied aspects of the artists’ collective experience.

This is a colourful and imaginative exhibition that encourages the viewer to discover and explore fascinating aspects of our world. The artists are actively involved with the exhibition and you can expect to find several invigilating at Exposed each day should you wish to find out more about the artworks.

LAC (Laurence Causse-Parsley)

French, educated in Paris and Britain, LAC’s first solo exhibition took place in India in 2003. Shuttling between countries and cultures, LAC takes the freedom to select materials from changing contexts, the result being a very distinctive style best described as contemporary, dense and vibrant.

Her immediate environment, London (She has been part of Make Space Studios since 2011) the embodiment of all the cities she lived in or imagined is her uninterrupted source of inspiration. The everyday life, the unsung urban traces are an opportunity to mentally collect lines, shapes, colours as the material for future painting. 

Sara Wickenden

I am an artist, writer and tutor. I work across several media however I prefer to work with encaustic wax where I apply layers of wax on a panel and fuse with paint strippers and blow torches. I first worked with this form of painting in 2001 and fell in love with the sensuality of the medium. I undertook several courses in the UK and most notably in the USA where this form of art is more established. Since then I have produced work for exhibitions and taught workshops in this wonderful artform. I love experimenting with this tactile medium and often experiment incorporating other media and different types of wax in my art.

Esra Kizir Gökçen:    Maps, paper boats, Pandora’s box… 

Hope itself is a desirable but still unknown concept. Just like Pandora’s box, we can never know what is waiting there for us before we take action. My latest series 'Sail to Hope' focuses on the effects of globalisation, especially caused by migration - an inspiring yet unknown journey for a hopeful future.

Our world is smaller than ever, as if, even sailing to another land by a paper boat is possible. People are relocating, changing their lives for hope, for a better future. Fast information exchange is triggering the motivation among the people from less developed countries to relocate. This change generally contains it’s own challenges. Sometimes life threatening, sometimes facing discrimination, sometimes losing self worth along with self authenticity… When you take an emotional journey within yourself you might end up connecting with your soul, as free as a bird, as innocent as a newborn and above all the borders and backgrounds.

Chris Vervain is an artist and theatre practitioner specialising in ancient Greek drama performed in mask and incorporating a dancing chorus.  Her fine art is inspired by her theatre work.  In this exhibition she explores the power of Mask to reveal and expose those hidden recesses of the psyche.

I have always felt the Dance alive within my body and came to understand that it was the Dance of the Cosmos, province of the ancient god of Dance, Song, Mask and Theatre.

Transformation, celebration, breaking free of constraints, challenging boundaries are all involved in his worship.  His is a playful, subversive, dangerous, joyful, creative force to be acknowledged and given its rightful channel of expression.  Dionysus was also a god of the Underworld presiding over Death and Regeneration.

Jenny Price lives and works in London and translates emotions, stories and feelings into abstracted landscape, inspired by the world around her. She paints with acrylics and incorporates weaves into her paintings.

Moylin Ho Knit Chong:  I start as all stories normally do, at the beginning of my childhood. Toys were a special object to me, as I was fascinated with puppets and marionettes as they could hold a character and persona that reached between two worlds, the reality and non-reality, I envied this skill wholeheartedly, a somewhat chameleon effect. Each of my dolls are made with fabric material and other mixed media objects I have collected over the years. Their homes are between the liminal and dreams, and are inspired by my own history and also the people who have carved it. They have been exposed now. They are a language in themselves, and hold chase above all language barriers, they are universal in their speaking, as each one of us has a part of their childhood they mourn wholeheartedly, some aspect they wish to carve back into their adult lives. For me, I miss the language I couldn't develop with my family, the one where I yearned for acceptance in all things different. Now, I have made this new family, the dolls made by recycling dead languages. They have originated from a world of dreams and over time have expanded out from that imaginary world, and into ours in the form of these dolls.

Liz Whiteman Smith is a freelance printmaker and artist, currently living in London. She has been inspired by her travels around the world and is drawn to the quirky and unusual. She creates series of multi layered screen prints, working from her own photographs and drawings. Many of her prints are colourful, playful images; her aim is to make people smile. An elected member of the Southbank Printmakers Gallery, she is also active with the Printmakers Council and Print Club London. You can find her work at Studio 73, Brixton, Conclave Gallery, Brighton. She has work in the Victoria and Albert museum archives.  

Danic Lago has always had a sharp eye for the world and translates her passion for beauty and aesthetic through her pieces. 

The poetry made by Danic in her mixed media handcrafted collages frame her delicate world-view, highlighting the mixture of reusable materials which tell new stories through their colours, textures and richness of detail. Her pieces of art stir deep feelings in viewers, creating individual and unique interpretations and relationships with her work.

She regularly exhibits in and around London, participated in the 2019 Florence Biennale and many of her pieces have found homes all over the world.

Elke Counsel
My grandfather had a sketch book all his life, and when I visited my grand parents in the summer holidays he took me on walks for sketching  in the surrounding countryside.
The so called “big” experiences of life tend to obscure such happy moments which ought  to be revived and relived. And I tried to do this.  This time I could not work from nature, but I have his sketch book. I had to keep a delicate balance between his style and mine. I have taken some liberties with the truth - as I always do with drawings from my own sketch book.
Working on these small canvases shone light into corners of my brain that I’ve not used for seven decades. I was able to almost feel new neural pathways being formed as I copied these four pages. I deeply enjoyed doing this. In fact I feel honoured.

Belmin Pilevneli: Most of Belmin's works walk hand-in-hand with text and poetry, predominantly written by herself, while some of her works refer to metaphors for the beloved ones in Turkish classical poetry. She aims to compare the way people used to experience/see these feelings in the past and now, while aiming to communicate with people on the fact that healing is possible. The inspiration behind her work is nature, poetry and human psychology and glimpses of oriental embroidery of Turkish and Eastern cultures. Intense feelings, intimacy, purity and healing are the themes, which she often visualizes with abstracted or semi abstracted forms.

She works on canvas with acrylic painting or paper which she embosses with an etching press. She also works with pencil, ink, digital painting and creating photo collages that are printed on either paper or silk fabric.

Sally Grumbridge: Memory Boxes explores dementia and memory loss. Aids such as Memory Boxes are used to help dementia sufferers reconnect with their past. This work comprises an etching portrait of the artist’s mother and seven cardboard boxes. Each box represents a different stage of life. As with dementia, the memories are hidden away and the viewer is invited to open the boxes to discover just a few of those ‘memories’.  

Sally Grumbridge, BA (Hons), studied Public Art at Surrey University and printmaking at LCC. She shows regularly in solo and group exhibitions in the London, the UK, and Europe.

Kirsten Todd: Brush in hand since a child, Lancashire artist born and bred, Kirsten studied art and gained a degree in graphic design pursuing a career in design for 25 years, whilst continuing to paint.

Painting is her passion and her purpose and she is now concentrating fully on painting professionally. Specialising in portraits and abstracts, Kirsten works mainly in acrylics and tries to capture, vibrancy, energy, strength, balance and beauty within her work.

Kirsten herself strives to speak her authentic truth, find her voice and be heard through her work, her own strength and vulnerability is seen within the paintings as working intuitively, she puts her whole being and channelled energy into each piece, thus hopefully giving the recipient the energy or some aspect of healing they may need allbeit on a subconscious level.

Laurence Cammas is a French eclectic painter, inspired by two opposing universes. Two worlds that she merges together to recreate her own phantasmagorical fantasy, where the happiness and fears of humans beings confront deep hopes, pride and nobility of soul.

Laurence shares with the viewer her own vision of life, guided by the exuberance of the baroque world of Fellini as well as the flamboyance of the colors used by Christian Lacroix, that offers a journey through our emotions...

Adam Lucy is a Mixed Media Artist and Poet based in Central London his work explores the themes of loss, grief and memory. He continues to utilise new mediums and processes and believes Art is a healing entity.

His current encapsulate the beginning and end of a 3 year process of introspection. A journey to the internal through a visual dialogue encorporating written word, sculptural form and abstract imagery. Exposure is a necessary release, Closure a conscious choice.

Laura Bello: As an abstract painter and sculptress my work is influenced by the conventional desire in the artist to engage with the materials and the objective observation of the way that these materials exist in the universe. My fascination in the process resonates with the unconscious and a physical adventure begins till a permanent form surface

I live in London, and I grew up in a small town in South America between the northern branch of The Andes and The Magdalena River.  
I studied Fine Art at The Sir John Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design, London Metropolitan University, London

Maria Beamont: Work shown in ‘Exposure’ will be about my experience of trying to make sense of our relationships with each other especially when showing vulnerability. Photography once my dominant form of expression was eclipsed by abstract painting and mark-making experimenting with colour. But the winter months of 2019/2020 has made me want to write again something I did decades ago. The work for this exhibition will be a combination of paint and poetry.

Hannah Rosnes

The picture is one part of a two part picture, inspired of the fairystories of Scotland and mystery moon on lochs. 
I'm from Norway, but have lived in Scotland for 11 years, and have always been fascinated of the history and magic of this land

Teddy Salad Was born in London and now lives on the south coast of England.

Conceptually, all works are created using found materials, both natural and man made.

In the main, the artworks lay claim to being at least 90% reused,recycled or reclaimed (mostly from the sea) including the fixings that secure the frames. The paint is often from discarded pots and forgotten tins found in under stairs cupboards,sheds and of course, skips!

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