‘Exposed’ turns the spotlight on the finest artistic talents from the UK and across the globe. The works are as diverse, bold and ambitious as the artists themselves.  From the abstract to the figurative, this exhibition will introduce you to the very best practitioners in current contemporary art. Many of the artists are already well established and sell their work internationally; others are emerging new talents selected to give their creativity a wider audience.    

  1. Laurence C

  2. Laurence P

  3. Adam

  4. Sally

  5. Jenny

  6. Kristen Todd

  7. Esra

  8. Chris Vervain

  9. Elke

  10. Moylin

  11. Hannah

  12. Maria Bemont

  13. Liz

  14. Sara 

  15. Danic

  16. Teddy

  17. Laura

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The Artists' Pool

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