Nicola Weir

Weir,Nicola - 'Starry Night', 2016,Litho
Weir,Nicola - 'Starry Night', 2016,Litho
Delicate Time
Delicate Time
Weir, Nicola Metamorphosis
Weir, Nicola Metamorphosis
Precious Layers
Precious Layers
La Coeur
La Coeur
Weir,Nicola- 'Cerca Trova', Lithograph
Weir,Nicola- 'Cerca Trova', Lithograph

I enjoy working on paper, and exploring the tactile nature of mixed media. The delicate interplay of fine textures and surface, and possible options that can be explored with image and word is what appeals. Images are collected over time, becoming part of an archive. Sometimes actual tokens can make their way into the piece, or are drawn, painted, pressed or printed in some way.

Printmaking and experimenting with the possibilities it offers, has been an important part of my process.

Fragile beauty in nature is something that has appealed to me for a long time. The delicate process of transformation fascinates me. Metamorphosis - the idea of an inner strength coming out of fragility and challenge - resonates. Flowers - their image, properties, and symbolism – become an integral part often.


Education & Awards

1983-88 Edinburgh College of Art,  (Post graduate)

Richard Demarco Prize, Andrew Grant Award , Prince’s Trust Award

Work and commissions in the Uk and abroad including

Hamilton and Inches, Fred Bare, The Cloth, Joseph, Issey Miyake

Teaching art at Cilegon International School, Indonesia

Member of Edinburgh Printmakers & Visual Arts Scotland

Paolozzi Project Space, Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop


Selected Group Exhibitions

2017   ‘Evocativo’  Artgallery37, Turin

             Lochcarron Gallery ‘NWIAI’ on tour

            ‘Threads’   Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh

             Collaboration with Elspeth Penfold on artist led walk, ‘Thread and Word’

            ‘Threads’    Espacio Gallery London

            Celebrating International Women’s Month

            ‘No Women Is an Island’ St Margaret’s House, Edinburgh

2016    ‘Fly’ Visual Arts Scotland, RSA Edinburgh

             RGI show at Mackintosh Scotland Street Museum

             Macmillan Art Show Edinburgh Festival, Bonhams

           ‘Frida Kahlo – Lust For Life’ Menier Gallery  London

            ‘Converge’ Visual Arts Scotland, RSA Edinburgh

2015   Edinburgh Printmakers Winter Exhibition

             Actinic festival, International Year of Light.

             International Print Symposium, Tidaholm Sweden

             Macmillan’s Art Show Edinburgh Festival, Bonhams

             ‘VAS:T’, Visual Arts Scotland, RSA Edinburgh


Previously - RSA Open, Peacock Visual Arts, ‘Royal Society of Watercolours’ RSA, The Meffan, Visual Arts Scotland RSA, ‘Aberdeen Artists’ Aberdeen Art Gallery, Edinburgh Printmakers, and ‘Royal Glasgow Institute’

What we don't know about you:

A secret passion is to go foraging. To identify and pick from the wild – edible plants that we often overlook and think of as weeds. I like to learn about their properties and uses, and the folklore surrounding them. 


Favourite Book:

‘Women who run with the Wolves’ by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. Took at least a year to read, but was quite incredible.


Favourite Artist:

An artist I have loved most of my life, is Marc Chagall. I hope to see the painted ceiling of the Palais Garnier opera house one day.


Favourite Quote:

‘Carpe Diem’ is a quote I try to remember to put into practice, to ‘seize the day’.

What could't you live without:

My cups of tea..whether ‘builders’ or herbal!


How do you keep the balance in life?

To help keep the balance in life, I like my lotions and potions of Aromatherapy oils, especially at the end of a busy day.