Carolan is a Scottish artist who has lived in England for most of her life. She was awarded an honours degree at the  University of East London studying Fine Art and then went on to Goldsmiths College  University of London as a post graduate student. 

As Head of Art  in both secondary schools and colleges in London  she used her talents to successfully teach and inspire a younger generation. Many of her students sucessfully went on to study art at the top Art Colleges in London. She currently works full time as an Artist


Her deep connection with nature and her daily practice of mindfulness  plays a vital role in her all her works. People watching , nature watching and connecting with her inner self has been  an essential element  to  her  development both as a woman and an artist. Her focus never deviates from observing the perfection of nature.

Her  work and  passion for the natural world connects both the inner and outer world.



Royal college of Art  - London

Whitechapel Galleries  - London,  

Christie's Modern art Sale - London

South Bank picture Show - London

Gabex Gallery -  LA

Menier Gallery - London, 

Business Design Centre - London

Art rapido Glasgow, Espacio Gallery - London 

Dundas Street Gallery - Edinburgh

ArtGallery37 - Turin, Italy

Awards:  Rolland Hilder scholarship

What don't we know about you?
I love to sing loudly and dance energetically  around the house while doing the chores.

Favourite Book?
No attachments , no aversions. Lester Levenson.

Favourite Artist?
Could not possibly choose, it would be like picking your favourite child.
I love all great artists equally.

Favourite Quotes?
Lead by example.

What couldn't you live without?
Love, inner peace and humour

How do you keep the balance in life?

listen to my body

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