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Carnets De Voyage
Carnets de Voyage

The season of major events has begun in Costigliole: convivial Lions with the presentation of the book by Carlo Cerrato "Milli una donna", conference "red Barbera" sustainability new value. He reopened the castle, inaugurating the artistic season with the great international exhibition entitled "Carnets de voyage Carnet de Voyager – real or imaginary journeys in contemporary art".

On display works of painting, sculpture, photography and installations, for a meeting and an exchange of emotions with Italian and international artists. The project conceived by the curators Roberto Borra and Karina Lukasik, was born from the collaboration between the Cultural Association Fly Art, the castle and the Department of Culture of the municipality. Inside the exhibition there is the traveling Museum Mipac 20×20, curated by Alessandro Merlo and Alberto Bongini. Many surprises were reserved for visitors at the inauguration last Saturday, including the vernissage embellished by the music of Clara Piccoli, selected by the Conservatory of Turin for the stage of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

Among the artists on display there are excellent names such as Henry Moore, Joan Mirò, Chagall, Salgado, Umberto Mastroianni, the late master Ezio Gribaudo, the artistic photographs of Anne Conway and in absolute preview, works by Piergiorgio Ravinale, advertising graphic designer in the 50s and 60s. There is also an unpublished work by the master Francesco Tabusso, in one of the rooms of the castle.  The sumptuous Hall of Mirrors houses an extraordinary photograph by Sebastiao Salgado, which evokes Dante's journey he documented.

The exhibition is presented as a spring invitation to travel, to consider with different eyes the very concept of travel, not necessarily characterized by a geographical factor, but which must be extended to an exploration of interior spaces. An exhibition that manifests the essence of the experiences of the artists, who translate the great journey into gestures, signs and thoughts, in search of that "light within things" that even when it may appear obscure, is salvific, since art is able to go beyond appearances, to offer us the way out that escapes everyone's gaze, but not to that of the artists.

The exhibition is presented as a modern tribute to the Grand Tour of Italy, of eighteenth-century memory, with works of art that document today's travel, exhibiting on the return a large sample of drafts, drawings, watercolors, tables and canvases.  In fact, a carnet de voyage is a travel notebook designed and narrated, a very effective tool to explore the world and tell an experience. Using different techniques and supports, the artists on display offer images of the various destinations, with works on the theme of a journey, accompanying the visitor to discover the unknown routes of artistic creation. Certainly sensitive to the theme, the artists have embarked on their personal imaginary or real journeys, to discover places, mostly unknown, but filtered into the vivid imaginary universe of their creative minds. Do not miss the journey into art, open until 21 May 2023

Participating Artists

Esperanza Perkins
Helen Campbell
Marianne Frank
Esperanza Gomez Carrera
Lisa Kreuziger
Adam Lucy
Renee Rilexie
Kirsty Taylor
Nicola Weir
Mike Rowley
Sally Grumbridge


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