Beatriz Acevedo

Beatriz is a multi-talented Latin American artist, working with different media: from painting, portraiture and illustration, to conceptual art and educational projects. She is the co-founder of the RawTag project: art and education for sustainability. Beatriz' approach to art can be summarized in her philosophy of  “bonito living” highlighting the possibilities of aesthetics for ethical questioning and empowering transformations.  



Open Studio, Chapinero. Bogota, Colombia.

Caballito, Buenos Aires. Argentina. 

Beverley Art Fair, Beverly, UK.

Harlington Art Fair. Bedfordshire. UK

Arts Nest. Hitchin. Herts. UK

Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge Sustainability Residency.

Woburn Art Fair. Bedfordshire, UK

Menier Gallery, London. Uk

Espacio Gallery, London, UK

Anglia Ruskin University, RawTag.


What don't we know about you?
I take a lot of AWAB days… away with a book!  

Favourite Book?
Love in times of Cholera. Gabriel Garcia Marquez;

Short Stories by Clarisse Lispector.

Kafka in the Shore, H. Murakami. I can’t choose!

Favourite Artist?
Henri Matisse, never ceases to surprise me. 

Favourite Quotes?
“We are living the best moment of our lives"

What couldn't you live without?
Pen and paper. 


How do you keep the balance in life?

Balance? Which balance. 

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