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RAWTAG: The thread of our clothes


RawTag is an interactive art project aimed at exploring the encounter of narratives of production and consumption. For example, RawTag enquires about the stories weaved into a fashion garment: first, the wearer of the garment has memories and (Raw) emotions about that garment; and second, the garment itself can tell a story about its life cycle and supply chain: production, manufacture, transportation, consumption, disposal (Tag). 


We are delighted to be part of the Thread of Life exhibition during the Women’s history Month in London. RawTag touches on both the textiles and textual of our clothes and its implications for women (as consumers and producers).  We will explore some ideas regarding identity, interconnectivity, responsibility and creativity.



We are inviting different members of the community to participate in the RawTag workshops. They are planned for approximately 2 hours, and we hope to have around no more of 20 participants.


How can you participate:


●      There are not restrictions for people to participate in the RawTag workshops.

●      Bring 1-3 pieces of clothing that you love and that you may not be using as much as before. The garment should be cleaned and in good state as we will be using it for a fashion swap party. We will appreciate if you’d like to donate some garments to the project.

●      We will appreciate if you use social media and post on the different moments of the workshop.


Keeping in touch:

We would like to keep connected through social media. Twitter @RawTag and facebook

We would appreciate if you make a contribution to our blog:


Who are we:

Beatriz Acevedo, artist and educator, writer on art and leadership, art and communities and art and education for sustainability. Her practice is influenced by her work with ethnobotanical projects in Colombia. She is passionate about education for sustainability and has created project such as the GoGreen Movement.


Carmen Lamberti,  multidisciplinary artist, her artistic practice is influenced by Eco Aesthetics genres such as Sustainability Art, Land art, Eco Art and Earth Art, her Art-based research and conceptual approach combines these practices to create natural environments that engage the perceptions of the material and the virtual.

Contact:  @RawTag

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