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All can be Frida Exhibition

Artist Statements

Marianne Springham

Potter on the Table

Potter on the table draws on the idiosyncratic imagery and powerful narratives of self-taught artists, Henry Darger, Walter Potter and Frida Kahlo. It is influenced by their determination to create and make work with such individuality, which I find very empowering. Being self-taught brings a certain viewpoint and unfiltered approach to their visual interpretations of inner thoughts. This painting is centered around life and death and features kittens eating Walter Potter, getting their own back on the Victorian taxidermist. The painting is hugely influenced by the unique work of these artists who motivate me to find my own way of producing work. 


Oil on Canvas -  £3250.

Christine R. Bay


Frida had braved and endured pains throughout her life and in a way, she was trying to mend her soul by painting her stories to us. In her journal, she wrote down a list of colours and her interpretation of them. I decided to use her set of "happy" colours for my piece to indicate familiarity, hope and strength. I have used familiar symbolism, but this time, her deer is bandaged (to indicate healing) with the arrows all taken out. She's also repairing her torn white lace dress. The skull and a few drying leaves indicate there are realities of life but warmth and hope can still exists (in the form of the crown of blooms).

Oil on Linen Canvas Board    -      £680

Lynne Dobson

Wings to Fly

Painting bottom to top........

Bed, heartbreak, pet cat (as cats are able to detect illness)
Skull= pain/death
Greenery depicting growth
Phoenix= the rise of a stronger Frida
Frida surrounded by her parrot and monkey
The blue house she loved so much
The hot Mexican sun


Acrylic  -    £280

Maria Emilov Silvestar


Eleanor Manners

When it will come it will fall upon us like rain

The work was made in response to heartbreak, surviving the trauma of surgery, learning to live with a chronic pain condition called endometriosis where tissue that should line the uterus starts to grow in other parts of the pelvis. Being a single and childless woman working in a maternity unit, trying to heal myself. Using painting to move through adversity. She depicts to me what is godliness, what is healing, what is medicine. She is a woman who will rise from everything ferociously and indignant.

Mixed Media

Mixed paints, acryclic and spray paints on plywood, free standing 


 dimensions height 122cm width 66cm free standing piece on plywood



Amir Mohammad Ghasemizadeh

Flowers and Wounds

This is an oriental understanding of Frida which comes to reality. It is done by the youngest member of the Dante House Museum in Italy. All the wounds and crosses he feels is reflected in this portrait of Frida. 


Oil on Canvas   -   £2000

Bel Shaw

Palm Trees and Rising Moon

 "The only thing I know is that I paint because I need to, and I paint whatever passes through my head without any other consideration" - Frida Kahlo

Traveling and experiencing different cultures are what inspire me.  With a background in textiles, my paintings reflect my love of colour and design.

I was drawn to Frida Kahlo's work and the influences which inspired her; Mexican folk art and Aztec symbolism.

I have taken a rising moon(symbol of womanhood) which Frida included in a number of her paintings.

The stylised palm trees and desert plants symbolising trees of hope and re-birth

Acrylic on Canvas  -    £250

Linda Burrows

Frida and the Bird of Paradise

A tribute to Frida Kahlo. A dipiction of a bird of paradise landing on the flower garland that Frida famously wore on her head. 

Acrylic on Canvas  -   £1500

Anila Hussain


Through pain some find strength and through art and artists who have a similar story find strength and courage.  Although Freida led a tough life her art her quirkiness, her health and the pain she felt on a daily basis has been the story of many women around the world.

This is Samanta Bullock, a friend, olimpian, model, influencer and achiever.  Through her own personal journey she fights for ability NOT disability.

Through pain you can encourage others, through tears you can conquer determination and succeed.  Like these two women im sure there are many more.  For Freida's memory we thank her for her art, her self expression, her colourful nature which clearly brightens up everyones world.

Through sadness can only come laughter, through darkness there can only be light.  Be that light and share it.

Pearlescent semi gloss print on photographers paper.

£345.00 Framed    -   £300.00 (Unframed)
Edition 1 out of 2

Linda Brown

Reclining? Nude

This collagraph print was made after shortly somebody I know 'Chose death ', although it wasn't consciously in my mind at the time, the woman in the print does look in despair or possibly drowned.

I hadn't intended this at first, my conscious intention had been to create a reclining figure of beauty and serenity.

However, it does reflect something of that awful feeling which so many unhappy people struggle to bear.


Prints Collagraph

£400 Framed   -   £325 (Unframed)
Edition 3 out of 9

Queen of the Selfie

Lja Broka
Textile  -   £490.00

Juliana Lauletta

Drinking With Frida (Art Sip Series)

What would be like to chat over a drink with Frida?

She was known for being passionate, fierce and unconventional. In my imaginary world, I meet her and we talk about love, pain and art.

This is the drink that we would have: a Mexican frozen margarita full of drama, with strawberries representing beating hearts and straws that connect the drinks like arteries.   It is based on “The Two Fridas”, my favorite artwork from her.

Archival Digital Print
£300 Framed    -    £200 (Unframed)
Edition 1 out of 50

Sally Hewett

Frida's Soft Kiss

Frida's lips portrayed in fabric and stitch. I wonder if Frida is recognisable just from her mouth.

Frida's soft kiss
Textile  - Lycra, padding, embroidery silk, nylon hair


June August

Oval Office and Justice Pink


Oval Office and Justice Pink, I screened, one month after marching in January 2017 Women's March in Boston.  Tens of thousands marched days after our presidential innauguration.  I made Frida pink because our symbol was the pink pussy hat. Oval Office is in the White House.

Prints - silkscreen- variable edition
£1580  Framed    -    £1480. (Unframed)
Edition 2 out of 8

Mark Pol

Struggle for Love

She lived a life continue to struggle with love. Her body continue with pain. Physical pain and psycological pain.

Acryl on canvas  -   £1500

Estelle Grandidier

In Frieda's Head
Frieda was disabled, prisoner of her body but her creative activity freed her soul. This sculpture represents a head peaceful on the outside and the back appears to be a prison with a garden and a bird.  It refers to the prison of her boday and the creative mind that led Frieda to her freedom.

Mixed Media: Ceramic, fabric flowers, artificial bird. 

Marife Nunez

Imagining Frida Kahlo

Imagining Frida Kahlo belongs to the serie "Past and Present". And interpretation of master piece adapted to a new técnique and moving the characters to this contemporarean world.

It is a photograph of a model converted into Frida Kahlo submitted to the demands of a macho world in continuous industrial growth.

Represents her strength as a woman, pure example. With a broken heart due to lack of love and illness. Who is still trying to find her place in a demanding material world.

Mixed Media: photography with digital collage and acrylic paint

Edition 2 out of 2   -   £4000

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