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I am a self-taught London based photographer, artist and poet specialising in the mediums of fine art digital photography, oil and acrylic paint. My work varies in scope from documentary and street photography to bright and expressive abstract paintings and poetic contemplations on present societal change.


My photography explores the complex and varied interactions of humanity and its surroundings, namely the burgeoning city and its myriad of intricacies and subtle nuances. Particularly noting the ironic influences of increased methods of communication and the decreased ability of humans to meaningfully communicate. I have self-published my debut poetry and photographic work in the form of ‘Margate Dreams’ a fusion of imagery and specifically crafted works of poetry to celebrate and highlight the title place and its transition.


I have more recently been exploring my own image, identity and history and the way society rejects the flawed.


My integral belief as an artist is that of metamorphosis of thought through imagination, if you open the mind of an observer with the art you create, then you engender space for different ways of being and thinking.




Resident in East Dulwich

Photographic Exhibitions




‘Lumen’ Group Exhibition, Espacio Gallery, London, April

'Threads’ Group Exhibition, The Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh,  July

‘Illusions’ Group Exhibition, The Menier Gallery, London, September

Tate Lates Superflex Community Project, The Tate Modern, London, October




What don't we know about you?

I’m an amateur mud larker, which means I can often be found on the foreshore of the Thames collecting the detritus of years gone by. There is something quite magical being surrounded by so much history. We are a subculture, being on the shore is like stepping out of London’s hustle and bustle and into a time machine.

Favourite Book?

I am a voracious reader and usually read 2 or 3 at a time, but I keep coming back to a memoir by A.A Gill, ‘Pour Me, A Life'.

His grasp of the English language is a joy to behold.

Favourite Artist?
I would have to say my favourite artist at present is Grayson Perry. He is not afraid to challenge societal forces, toxic masculinity and the art world itself. He is bold, outspoken and incredibly talented and an inspiration for me.

Favourite Quotes?

“Do not create what you think people want to see, but what YOU want to show them.”

What couldn't you live without?

I don’t think I could live without real human connection, affection, friendship and love. We all crave authentic connection with another human being.


How do you keep the balance in life?

With great difficulty, we live in a very unbalanced world. With the aid of my art, knowledge and those around me it becomes a little more stable.


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